Drone based automated inventory management for large warehouses

Inventory management tasks such as stock-taking are time-consuming and often require significant effort and resources particularly in large high rack warehouses. Manual stock-taking not only reduces productivity but also exposes participating employees to additional health and safety risks, whereas infrequent stock taking leads to discrepancies in inventory management system data and actual inventory. Falconare automates stock-taking and inventory counting tasks by leveraging a fleet of autonomous camera equipped drones in conjunction with AI powered computer vision platform, to accurately determine the quantity and condition of inventory items in individual bins in real time. Falconare advanced inventory analytics dashboard provides a consolidated view allowing monitoring of historical trends at warehouse as well as rack and bin level.

Autonomous fleet support

Multiple drones can be launched in parallel using Falconare’s advanced drone fleet management system.

Inventory tracking

Historical data and inventory statistics are available for trend monitoring and further in-depth analysis.

Centralized analytics

Data from all the drones is processed to gather actionable insights shown on a customizable centralized dashboard.

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