Footfall analytics and targeted advertisements for businesses

Understanding customer’s behavior and interaction with physical space is the key to successful sales strategy and cost-efficient operations of large businesses like shopping malls and supermarkets. Counting the number of people visiting the business and footfall analytics in general is important from sales perspective. However, increase in number of visitors doesn’t always lead to improved conversion rate. Dynamic and highly targeted advertisement approaches are often required to improve customer engagement. Superad analyses customer profile and behaviour in real time, showing only those advertisements that match customer persona. Identification of customer profile and possible interests is based on gender and age. This personalised sales approach where only relevant advertisements are shown is proven to be much more effective in increasing sales.

Occupancy statistics

Accurate occupancy information including visit time and dwell time statistics, for venue of any size in real time.

Spatio-temporal analysis

In-depth information about busy hours and crowded locations, traffic trend analysis, and much more.

Customer focus

Targeted advertisements and shopping promotions according to customer persona, based on facial feature analysis for age and gender.

Visual analytics

Crowded areas and most frequently visited stores/areas are highlighted and shown on a dashboard using heat maps.

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