Intelligent road traffic management and analytics

Automated monitoring and intelligent management of traffic is essential for ensuring seamless mobility, efficient transportation, and safety of road users, paving the way for smart cities and sustainable urban mobility. Trafficompute is a computer vision based traffic management solution for real time monitoring of traffic and in depth analysis of data captured using traffic cameras. It uses machine learning algorithms to analyse video streams from roadside cameras, providing real time alerts and invaluable insights for traffic management. Object detection and classification algorithms are used to identify different types of road users and track their movement patterns. Speed of the vehicles is determined through an analysis of consecutive video frames. Accurate speed measurements and flow pattern analysis enable early detection of congestion and potential bottlenecks. Automated license plate recognition feature supports parking control as well as law enforcement use cases.

Road user detection

Accurate detection and identification of different types of road users, including axle detection for light and heavy vehicles.

Speed monitoring

Real time monitoring and detection of speed limit violations based on video analytics.

Automated license plate recognition

Fully automated and customizable, license plate recognition feature is available for different use cases.

Analytics dashboard

Centralized dashboard shows required traffic management information in addition to real time alerts.

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