Intelligent analytics for supermarkets and retail stores

Modern supermarkets and retail stores have access to massive amounts of video and image data because of smart cameras installed at key locations on the shop floor. This data can be collected and processed by computer vision system to generate actionable insights regarding customer behaviour, merchandise planning, and store layout, improving not only operational efficiency but also customer satisfaction. Shopeye leverages state-of-the-art machine vision technology, providing a comprehensive retail analytics solution that includes customer activity monitoring, buying preference analysis, and inventory level detection.

Heat maps

Movement of customers in the store as well as dwell times are heat mapped and regions of interest are highlighted on dashboard.

Queue monitoring

Checkout queues are analysed and notifications are generated to shorten waiting times.

Analytics dashboard

User is able to customize dashboard and monitor historical trends such as people count, people with baskets, and aisle occupancy.

GDPR compliance

On-premises processing of data ensures compliance with GDPR.

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