Artificial Intelligence powered computer vision solutions for a sustainable tomorrow



Real-time detection of missing personal protective equipment for work site safety

Enhanced work site safety enabled by real-time detection of personnel missing proper personal protective equipment (PPE). In order to reduce work related injuries and illnesses, it is important to ensure the use of PPE and monitor safety trends across all work sites. With missing PPE alerts shown on a centralized virtual safety center in real time from all your work sites, Safesense can improve the workplace safety record of your company and help you ensure that all your employees get home safe every day.


Intelligent analytics for supermarkets and retail stores

Get actionable insights regarding customer behaviour, merchandise planning, and store layout. Shopeye leverages video and image data captured from in store cameras to identify hot spots and analyse customer movement patterns. Optimize your retail operations, increase sales, and improve customer experience, end-to-end.


Footfall analytics and targeted advertisements for businesses

Get actionable insights on the flow and behavior of people visiting the place of business, shopping malls, or other large venues to target advertisements and shopping promotions. Superad helps businesses understand the movement patterns of visitors in the venue, and uses recommendation algorithms to target advertisements to potential customers based on relevant features. Centralized analytics dashboard allows you to view detailed statistics and historical trends.


Intelligent road traffic management and analytics

Traffic management with vehicle classification, speed monitoring, traffic flow analysis, congestion detection, and license plate recognition capabilities. Trafficompute enables real time monitoring of traffic situations on roads and highways, providing accurate statistics and actionable insights ensuring smooth and safe travel for everyone, while reducing carbon emissions.


Drone based automated inventory management for large warehouses

Automate your inventory management process for warehouse of any size. With Falconare, businesses can automate stock-taking and other inventory management tasks in large warehouses, reducing costs and improving overall operational efficiency, resulting in better inventory accuracy.


Enhanced safety and security for public places

The safety and security of urban public spaces can be automated by using digital technologies, facilitating the transition to smart cities that are highly inclusive and sustainable. Superguard is an integrated situation awareness and threat assessment solution that includes fire and smoke alert system, firearm detection, and monitoring capabilities for detecting violence and suspicious behavior in real time.

About us

About Us

Funded by private investors, Oculnet Technologies is a deep tech Finnish start-up founded by a team of technology and business leaders, focusing on cutting edge artificial intelligence powered machine vision solutions for different industries and verticals.

  • Our Mission

    Artificial intelligence powered machine vision technologies for a sustainable tomorrow.

  • Our Vision

    To become a leading software and digital services company, providing innovative computer vision solutions that leverage state-of-the-art AI & ML technologies to create unprecedented value and accelerate digital transformation.

  • Our Strategy

    We continuously learn and innovate, to improve our offerings in areas related to computer vision, ensure excellence in what we do, and capture new opportunities in collaboration with our customers and R&D partners.

  • Our Values

    Customer focus, ethics, collaboration, and continuous improvement.



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