Enhanced safety and security for public places

Automated safety and security in public spaces such as schools, shopping malls, and parks, is important not only for ensuring sustainable economic development but also for the well being of inhabitants, especially vulnerable and marginalized groups. Using machine learning algorithms, Superguard scans the target environment, identifying different kinds of safety risks and security threats, and generating real time alerts, which are shown on a centralized dashboard.

Fire and smoke detection

Hazardous situations such as fire and smoke are identified and geolocated, and alert notifications are generated in real time. Based on computer vision technology, Superguard is more accurate and robust than conventional systems.

Firearm detection

To minimize the risk of gun violence, Superguard enables real time detection of guns and other dangerous weapons.

Violent behavior and suspicious human activity detection

Activity and movements of human subjects is analyzed to detect abnormal behavior in crowds and improve situational awareness of authorities.

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